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Ringtone Hana (Kana Hanazawa)

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"Ringtone Hana (by Kana Hanazawa)" is a ringtone app with the voice of Kana Hanazawa.Hanazawa acts both roles of the twins who will tell you when you have a phone call!
CHARACTERS- Big-sister: YoshinoGentle and cheerful with a feel of a grown-up lady, though some naivety remains.Slender features make her seem weak but she is actually quite energetic.As a big-sister she has a responsible personality.
- Little-sister: YaeAlways cheerful and energetic and makes friends with anyone. Good at sports.As a twin to her sister has sometimes the feel of a grown-up.
VOICE SAMPLESYashino:- You have a call. Please pick up soon!- Your phone is ringing! If you don't pick up soon I will!- You have received a message. I wonder who is it from? Makes me excited♪- Beep beep beep. Message received♪- Mail has been sent. I can't wait for the reply♪
Yae:- Turururuuun. You have a call!- Your phone keeps on ringing! If you don't pick up I will!- You've got a message! Hurry up and read it♪- Commander! Message receiving accomplished!- Seeeeeeeeending! Done!♪
IMPORTANTSupported devices- AndroidOS2.0 or higher recommendation- For details on how to make these settings please refer to how to set the ring tone settings for each model are different for each model.- Inquiries about how to set ringtones for each terminal can not meet.
Illustration by: 72(natsu)